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Nicotine Vaping - The alternate method to quit

  • Under the new regulations you can get a script for ordering nicotine from local pharmacies or from overseas.

  • It is confirmed that vaping nicotine is far more effective quitting aid than nicotine replacement.

  • Although vaping is far better than cigarette smoking, be aware that according the CDC there are 450 lung diseases that are associated with vaping.

  • Vaping is intended to be used for short term in people who are not able to quit using the traditional methods with medications and for people who have relapsed back into smoking it can be used for long term.

Here at Hamilton Health Hub, we strive and encourage people quit cigarette smoking and we help in every way possible. For those who require nicotine for their vaping devices our doctors are happy to provide prescriptions for nicotine. However, the aim of providing you with the scripts is to ensure that you eventually quit smoking.

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